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We are travelers and we are passionate about knowing the world by contributing to social projects. We organize trips with a cause to different communities in more than 30 countries, in order to carry out social projects based on the identification of needs in the hands of locals, as well as knowledge, empathy and respect for different cultures and environments social.

Our objective is to generate a positive and measurable social impact in the long term both in the communities with which we work and in our travelers


Travelers With Cause was born from a dream to mix the two greatest passions of the founding partners Roberta Elizondo and Alejandro Rubio: " Traveling and Serving ". Both were involved in social projects and community development in Mexico from a very young age. They had the opportunity to live a volunteer experience on the African continent that marked a watershed in their lives, they worked directly with refugees and children in rural communities and this led them to discover the reality that many people have to live for the simple fact from the place where they are born. Upon returning from these trips, the concern to do something for the world added to their passion for traveling led them to found Travelers With Cause in January 2018 with the aim of developing social projects in communities around the world and forming a community of Responsible, helpful and passionate travelers.




Travelers With Cause provides the opportunity for people from all over the world to participate in the development of social projects that are planned with our local partners. We make direct alliances with local leaders or NGOs and we join their initiatives to build and develop projects in the following areas: Gender equity, child development, animal conservation, environmental conservation, health and construction and housing.

The social project

In all our programs we are welcomed by local organizations or leaders whom we call " allies ." They have their initiatives and their sustainable development programs in their own community and they are the ones who direct and monitor all the projects. Together we make a short, medium and long-term plan to try to solve social problems or promote the self-sustainable development of the community. All projects are developed around the existing needs of the community and the capabilities of the team.

The adventure

Once the social project is completed, the traveler can decide whether to add the tourist part to their travel experience. This package is managed for weeks where the volunteer is given a tourist itinerary with their accommodations, transportation and tours so that they can take advantage of and get to know the best of the country they are visiting. We are faithful believers that traveling is the university of life and is the part that helps us expand our panorama and social context.


Travelers With Cause is a social company, we believe in social entrepreneurship and the benefit that this entrepreneurial model generates in the world. Depending on the project, TWC makes donations to the communities with which it works and capital is invested in productive projects that generate a benefit for the locals. A commission is charged on each package for managing the program and this is what allows it to be sustainable, grow and reach more communities by doing better and better projects.


We are a team of adventurers passionate about the world and devoted to leaving it better than it was delivered to us, we have a network of experience coordinators who guide and coordinate each of the routes. We also make alliances with local leaders in the communities and together with the volunteers we make this possible.

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